Edgar Zippel

HAITTE - Visiting, HAITTE - zu Besuch, 2020

HAITTE- Visiting, Julia Ziegler - Andreas Schmid, KUNST IM TAUT HAUS, Berlin
This joint exhibition staged an overlay:The real place, a settlement house built by Bruno Taut in Berlin-Britz, was overlaid with elements of his beloved place Japan.Together we staged the individual rooms and assigned them to environments that we had thought of together.There was also individual work. Due to the pandemic, admission times were limited, but the duration was extended.
14.03. - 05.08.2020

Fig.1 Photo Edgar Zippel
Room II, ground floor, Environment: meditation room with sculptural wood formation and bench, two photographs by Andreas Schmid, left: Throwing Girl, Kyoto, 1985/1995, color photography, proof A4 print, right:
Clay Court – Kyoto, 1986/1995, SII:4/10, pigment print on Hahnemühle-paper, SII:4/10, 40 x 60cm

Fig. 2 Photo Dirk Leban
Room III, first floor, right: working space, studio, Shoin with an installation of a recessed window sill to be used as a desk and reading place.
Room/Floordrawing; Kyudo-Collage poster and Wall-Drawing-Like A Journey by Andreas Schmid, several mixed art work pieces by Julia Ziegler and Andreas Schmid

Fig. 3 Photo Edgar Zippel
room III, 1st floor right, front wall right: From left to right, rom up to down:
State V(Red) ,Untitled Andreas Schmid, Journey, Andreas Schmid,; Kage - 4 Shadows, 6 paintings, Julia Ziegler, Different Layers, Andreas Schmid; CUTOUT- fountain system with Seide stripes, Julia Ziegler

Fig. 4 Photo Edgar Zippel
Room III, from left to right: KYUDO II, Photo poster of a collage cutout, Untitled, framed, Andreas Schmid; SHIDE-Sketches, STRUCTURES, Julia Ziegler, WALL DRAWING - LIKE A JOURNEY, Andreas Schmid

Fig.5 Photo Edgar Zippel
Room 4, first floor, hallway left, right: Picture Space without Tokonoma (picture niche)
from left to right: Environment fog shelf, calligraphy sketch „Wu Wei“, Andreas Schmid, staircase: SHIDE- Temple entrance in Tokyo, Julia Ziegler

Fig.6 Photo Andreas Schmid
Right attic: bedroom with kimono environment, stretcher tatami (J.Ziegler), small line addition (A. Schmid)
and a film still telephone scene from a film by Y. Ozu (framed)
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