C. Horstmann

SUNMIN PARK - FRAUKE SCHLITZ - ANDREAS SCHMID, Projektraum des KV Neuhausen/ Fildern, Germany, 14. Mai – 9. Juli 2023

In the TRACKS & TRACES exhibition, the artists transfer traces, paths and urban structures into the project space of the Kunstverein, a former Jesuit chapel. The real spatial conditions - the existing Oud-Haus by Folke Köbberling, for example, takes up the large painterly Shed series from New York by Frauke Schlitz - and routings are particularly processed by Andreas Schmid, whose interventions on the one hand change the perception, on the other hand give the entire space a new rhythm.Sunmin Park's large-scale projection shows emerging and passing "lines of life" on a huge park area, taken from the air. It is about making content visible and perceiving it through different drawing/painting processes in space, which intertwine when viewed.
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