Andreas Schmid

Clearings II-Vienna, Lichtungen II-Wien, 2010, MUMOK, Vienna, , Bilder über Bilder. Diskursive Malerei - Highlights of the Daimler collection at the Museum of Modern Art Vienna, 26.03.-27.06.2010 

Views of the light work from different floors

The works of art by Andreas Schmid are informed both by their locations and by the passage of time. The temporary spaces he creates allow their visitors’ external perception to segue into proprioception as they move through the rooms, discovering their transitory nature....Schmid modifies architectural, transitional rooms to become slowly changing drawings of light in space. A computer program modulates the coloring and intensity of the columns of light in a gentle rhythm. The drawings of light that Andreas Schmid creates in space thus open up another, separate space in which a patient observer will be able to observe the slow pulse of change – a space for visual exploration and meditation. (from the text in the exhibition)
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