Andreas Schmid

Shift-Bederkesa castle, Verlagerung-Burg Bederkesa, 2007, space related light work, 20 white fluorescent tubes, controller and two programmed cycles of 5 minutes each, Bederkesa Castle, Bederkesa, 13.10.2007-06.01.2008 Technical support: Michael Soerensen / Potsdam

A space related artistic work in connection with Bederkesa Castle: 20 black electric cables came out of the castle window 12 meters above the ground. In a softly falling movement they led to the fluorescent tubes that diverted the movement horizontally.
With this, an important component is designated: movements that do not move on softly into each other, but stand in a right angle to each other. The formation run parallel to the little river nearby. And yet a fanning out in diverse directions results within the lamps’ formation interrupting the explicitness.
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