Andreas Schmid

Urban Tatoo, Urbanes Tattoo, 1998, Space related installation, color photo (3,17 m x 3,39 m), strings, adhesive tape, iron bars

Photography as Concept, 4.Internationale Foto-Triennale Esslingen 1998, city museum

In this work created for the 4.Triennale urban space is projected into the museum space through a photography. The idea of a film sequence is introduced by repeating parts of the motif, emphasizing the momentary nature of the shot. The image of the three dimensional cross road, (a view from a sky scraper into central Shanghai), is transformed into a graphic, two dimensional, flat drawing. Starting from the shift of perception provided by the photography, a space-related installation was realized transforming the real space into a multilayered drawing in an almost mirroring response to the photography by the use of different haptic elements across the space.
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