Andreas Schmid

Squares Embarking, Quadrate im Aufbruch, 2015

Squares embarking, 10.10.2015 – 7.11.2015 Gallery weisser elefant, space related wall-installation, light tubes, adhesive tape, printed text (quote from K. Malewitsch), exhibition: Get rid of everything – 100 years Black Square, Galerie Weißer Elefant, Berlin 10.10.2015 – 7.11.2015
The work Squares embarking contains two sides of Kasimir Malewitsch: On the long wall of the room light tubes and black adhesive tapes form implied shifted squares on the move as a „rememberence“ of the famous squares of Malewitsch. Size, extent and movement are corresponding with the space as a whole. On the counterpart wall there is a quote of Malewitsch cut into a black sheet, showing an important credo of the artist. His request to overcome nationalism and racist discriminations is as up-to-date nowadays as it was in 1922.
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