Relation, 2015, white colour LED- light moduls in terrazzo stone pavement, 6113 x 443 cm

The lighting artwork Relation consists of 19 linear light modules (white LED-chains), which are partly but also accessed as a whole and programmed by me in colour temperatures of white (from yellow-white to cool, pure white).
The performative composition has a length of 15:40 minutes that plays in a loop.
The flow/sequence of the light art is programmed in such a way that it emanates an intense effect / impression from the immediate vicinity on the terrazzo, both close up and further away (e.g. the 4th floor of the art museum).
The following components / aspects play an important role: the relationship between the single light tube and the groups as well as the temperature and intensity of the light, the tempo of the sequences and the combinations (the illumination of the tubes or its flashing as a whole).
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