Achim Kleuker

Crossings - Colour, Light, Space, Verschrängungen - Farbe, Licht, Raum, 2013, Installation Elisabeth Sonneck together with Andreas Schmid, Guardini Gallery, Berlin

Andreas Schmid and Elisabeth Sonneck are developing minimalist temporary combination of light art and painting. “Their work method is linked by the aspect of contemplation. Not the piece of art as an object that can be marketed is their aim, but the creation of a - one could say – model situation for an artistic world view. To contemplatingly dive into a specific situation, to recognise it from inside and to make it visible trough unpretentious composition - indeed also critically – and to formulate it anew aesthetically, has some saving, evolutionarily overcoming quality. And be it only for a comparatively short time.”
(Matthias Flügge, opening speech to the exhibition “Crossing – Colour, Light, Space”, at Guardini Galerie, Berlin, Jan 22. , 2013)
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