Andreas Schmid

Driftwood, Treibholz, 2004/5, Light installation with steering mechanism, 167 Double tubes on the ceiling of the foyer of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

The work is not only an art work in itself but also serves the demand of the different parts of an entrance hall of a big Art Museum .The foyer includes a cafeteria as well as a bar, the cashdesk and the wardrobe. First of all the composition of the 167 units are related to the very strict architectural composition of the cube. They act as driftwood floating through the foyer following different paths and appear as a contrapost to the architecture. The intensity of each light is controled by a computer steering mechanism system. Each light can be manipulated in intensity (1%-100%) and length of time (1/4 sec. To 30 minutes long bars) The images can be realized on the computer; alltogether 259 different images can be stored and mixed to different compositions (alltogether 150 compositions are possible) There is a great variety of movements throughout the ceiling: A linear “lightning” like movements as well as “cloud” movements; slowly changes as well as fast changes.
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