Andreas Schmid

Seven Pieces for One Space, Sieben Stücke für einen Raum, 2002, several space related installations at the Daimler Chrysler Contemporary exhibition space, Haus Huth, Berlin, 27.09. 2002 – 09.02.2003

Audio: Composition for tape and 4 trumpets by Isabel Mundry, technical support: Michael Soerensen, Fa. Soerensen, Potsdam

Score for DCC: The 8 pairs of fluorescent tubes had been fixed vertically beside each other on a wall of 20 m length. Within 3:30 minutes the different lights were changing in intensity (2% up to 98 %) due to a composition created by me.

Score for DCC, 16 bars for 16 fluorescent light tubes, wall- and space drawing, Box No.5 (Photo),

Space – related installation with 16 double - fluorescent lights of 240 cm length each. TThe tubes form different groups of lights which create new spaces within the room. The whole space had been changed in appearance too.
The base of the piece was a collaboration with the composer Isabel Mundry( at that time Frankfurt- today Zurich). The compositions of both artists refered to the special inside –outside situatuation of the exhibition space and had been combined as layers. The sound piece for 4 trumpets and tape had been presented by loudspeakers fixed in the ceiling.
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