Andreas Schmid

Red Carpet, Roter Teppich, 2016, in: "Europa, subway station Bundestag Berlin" , U 55, Berlin, 21.05. - 17.05.2016 , 200x300 cm
C Artwork Record ourtesy

The installation Red Carpet contains different quotations from remarks of different times woven into one another. The quote deal with topics like exclusion as an attitude towards refugees and thoughts from people in exile. During the 20th century many German and European refugees and emigrants have been well received in different countries on the globe. Now it is time to change and develop German and European politics in a way that allows us to be good hosts and that enable us to conquer the huge challenges. The text fragments are taken from the gospel according to St. Matthew, Stephan I, the Holy, Goethe’s quote of the Persian diplomat, Joseph Roth, Kasimir Malewitsch and Carl Zuckmayer.
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