Dave Grossmann

Drift, Strömung, 2017, exhibition view, space I, KV Tiergarten, Gallery North, Berlin, "In den Raum zeichnen-verdichten"

Drift is the name of my space related work that was part of a trilogy of exhibitions with the name: drawing in space - . It had been curated by the two Berlin based artists Claudia Busching and Pomona Zipser and took place at three different institutional art spaces in Berlin (Galerie Paterre, Galerie Nord/KV Tiergarten, Haus am Lützowplatz). The space -related light installation consists of dimmable light tubes on three walls and coloured masking tapes on the ground, the walls and the ceiling. The given factor of the space is part of my work. The empty spaces and the spaces inbetween my settlings play an important role in my work. They decide the “drift” of the forms and the “twisting” of the space. My work harmonized well with the sculpture of the second artist in this room, Pomona Zipser.

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