Hans Schröder

Crossing , in „Rotgelbblau - Gerrit Rietfeld und die zeitgenössische Kunst“,14.10.2017 - 04.02.2018. , 2017, Installation view: Crossing, 2017, Marta Herford, site-specific spacial drawing across two exhibition spaces, coloured sticky tape, ribbon, in: Revolution in „Rotgelbblau- Gerrit Rietfeld und die zeitgenössische Kunst“,14.10.2017 -04.02.2018

"With his clear language of forms, Gerrit Rietveld created revolutionary furniture during the 1920s. From Saturday, October 13, 2017, the Dutchman’s classic works can be seen alongside contemporary artists at Marta Herford.
Andreas Schmid links the Gehry galleries in height, width and depth with lines of coloured, adhesive tape, which maximize their effect as minimalist interventions in the space. This raises the question: Is there still a directness that emulates Rietveld? Hardly on Gehry's curved walls. Somehow, nothing is perpendicular here..."

(Journalist Thomas Köster in his preview Simplify Your Life! Rietveld for the WDR before the opening in October 2017 )
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