Andreas Schmid

Clearings-Halifax, 2009-2019, 2019

Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, as part of Responsive: International Light Art Project Halifax, Canada
Curators: Peter Dykhuis and Dr. Ralf Seippel, 30 August To 24 November 2019

Installation view: Clearings-Halifax, 2009/2019, Setting of 19 fluorescent tubes, according to the architecture, programmed composition in two parts, total length: about 7:00 minutes, dynamic plinth: 11,00 m x 3,80 m x 10,50 m x 1,80 m, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The 19 free-standing vertical fluorescent tubes, modulated by a computer- composition,
are shifting in color and intensity. The artwork becomes an exploration of the effects of changing light (not only with the setting itself) but also on the surrounding architecture and on the visitor’s perceptions of time and space as they move throughout the gallery as well as while surrounding the artpiece (parts from an intro of the museum’s calendar August to December 2019).
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